How to Book Bike Taxi Service in Patna
How to Book Bike Taxi Service in Patna

In this article, we gonna guide you to How to Book Bike Taxi Service in Patna? Well, first of all don’t be surprised, yes, you heard it right, now you can book bike taxi in patna. Three Popular transportation network companies Ola, Uber and Rapido has made this initiative possible. To avail this service there is an app on which you have to register yourself first. Then, once you book a bike it will come to receive you from your location under 10 minutes.

To make safety a proper concern, companies also provide insurance upto 5 Lakh for customers who are going to avail this bike taxi service. In case of any accident from the bike, companies are giving 50 thousand as insurance money to the customers. However, In case of any death happens while availing the bike service, companies are providing upto 5 Lakh rupee.

Beside that, company officials will also track your bike position via GPS from the control room. Okay let’s talk about How to Book Bike Taxi in Patna?

How to Book Bike Taxi Service in Patna? (Simple Guide)

To Book Bike Taxi service in Patna, first you have to download the service provider app from which you want to book a bike taxi. For example, You can download the rapido app from this link, ola from this and uber from this.

Once you download the app you have to first register yourself in it, then you’ll able to book a ride.

Note that, the service not only benefit the people in locality but also give some boost to part-time or permanent job. To register yourself as a bike taxi driver, make sure you have these things handy which we have shown you below.

  1. A Bike from 2008 or newer model.
  2. Vehicle Registration Certificate.
  3. Your driving license.
  4. An Android Phone with at least 3G Data connection.
  5. Bike Insurance Certificate.
  6. Pan Card
  7. Two helmets (One for yourself and other for your pilot)

Once you have these things handy, you can contact the respective company officials to register yourself as bike taxi driver. Let’s take Rapido as an example, to register yourself as a bike taxi driver in Rapido you have to download this app. Then, you have to upload your documents like DL, RC, Insurance and Photograph. Once verified you can start offering rides. In similar way you can register yourself as a bike taxi driver for other companies as well.

Right now, of course bike taxi service is only available in Patna, but in future it will roll out in other districts of Bihar as well. This is all about bike taxi service in Patna, once we get more info. we will feed it in this article.

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