List of all Services Provided by Railway Helpline Number 138

This Tuesday, the Samastipur Railway Board launches new helpline number 138. Through this number, you can get information ranges from medical services to even check the live Train Status. This Railway helpline number provides a range of other services beside the two I mentioned above. Moreover, Here in this article, I am going to give you the list of all those services that is provided by Railway Helpline Number 138.

Services Provided by Railway Helpline Number 138 (List)

  1. If you face some Health related Issue while traveling on Train, you could use this helpline number to get Medical help from Railway officials.
  2. This Helpline number also helps you to track the Live Train Status.
  3. You could also check your PNR status via this number.
  4. One can know the details of the return ticket Journey via this helpline number.
  5. If you find someone abuses a Woman on Railway Station or while you travel via the train, you could use this number to lodge a complaint to the concerning Railway Authority.
Samastipur Railway Board DRM, Ashok Maheshwari reveals about this new Helpline number.
So, save this Railway Helpline Number 138 in your Phone contact book as it will help you somewhere.
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