rumors increases potato onion rice flour price muzaffarpur
rumors increases potato onion rice flour price muzaffarpur

Last Sunday, CM Nitish ordered to Lockdown all cities present in Bihar amid Coronavirus outbreak in Patna that killed a 38-year-Old patient who recently came to Munger, Bihar from Qatar. Following Chief Minister Order District Magistrates has now arrived in action to close down all in-necessary shops in the city. Although CM ordered to shut down all the in-necessary shops till March 31, some necessary shops like Medicine Shops, Dairy Shops, Vegetable Market, etc. will remain open.

Now, Due to a lack of information among individuals in the city, rumors are spreading about a plethora of things. For example, Take the price of Potato, Onion, Rice, and Flour that is increasing every hour. People thought they won’t be able to get these items in the coming days. Hence, they start stocking these items. Some whole sellers and retailers, on the other hand, not want to lose this opportunity and selling these items at a high price. The result is the price of these items increases every hour as one retailer copying the distribution price of other retailers. That’s how Black Marketing starts on some essential products. With this post, I would like to mention the concerning authority to take immediate action against those who are selling these items at a high price.

Although some sellers and retailers are selling these assets at a high price, there is no shortage of these products. A Wholesale businessman from Gola Road said all these consumer goods are available in sufficient quantity. Even the trucks are supplying these goods continuously in the city. In some places, the material goes out of stock because following rumors, people start stocking the mentioned goods.

Comment below, at what price in your area, Retailers are selling Potatoes, Onions, Rice, and Flour. This way, you let people aware as well as also report the price of the assets mentioned above in your area.

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