In this article, we gonna explain you where to report or ask for help about Coronavirus in Muzaffarpur. Below, we mentioned three number where you can ask for the help or report about this deadly virus.

Right now, Muzaffarpur is in lockdown mode following orders given by Chief Minister of Bihar last Sunday. Those of you who don’t know, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has ordered to lockdown Bihar till March 31 to break the spread of Corona Chain in the state.

In Muzaffarpur, the city District Magistrate has himself monitoring the situation and enforcing the lockdown in the city and also asked the citizens to cooperate with the officials. You can see for yourself in the photos below.

Now, Many people in Muzaffarpur are questing where to report or ask for a COVID-19 checkup in the city. Well, In that case, Bihar Urban Developement and Housing Department Minister, Suresh Kumar Sharma has recently tweeted the answer about the same question. He says, about COVID-19, In Muzaffarpur, One can simply report by dialling any of the three numbers mentioned below.

  • 06212266055
  • 06212266056
  • Toll-Free: 104

Although Officials have released the numbers where one can report about COVID-19, there are some crowded places in the city where checkups of COVID-19 is still not being done correctly. Take Muzaffarpur Junction as an example where last day, Kashish News reported people are not being screened and easy goes in and out coming from different states like Surat, Mumbai and others.

Seems like after reporting about the irresponsible screening of the deadly virus, Muzaffarpur Railway authority came into action and was done proper testing of Awadh Express 19039 last night that came from Bandra, Maharastra.

Coming at the conclusion, in addition to government officials, it is also our responsibility to break the chain of this deadly virus by staying at home, and if you find any symptoms similar to this deadly virus, you can report it by dialing the numbers given above.

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