Bihar Increases the Advocate Welfare Stamp cost to Rs 25

While Addressing at the virtual meeting of the BJP Law Cell, State Working Committee, Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi announced several things about courts and advocates. In the same virtual Meeting, the deputy Chief Minister of Bihar announced, the increased price of Advocate Welfare Stamp from Rs 15 to Rs 25. Those of you who don’t, the Advocate Welfare Stamp is used in all the documents on State Government. This stamp helps to prevent fraud as well as also provide help from the welfare fund, in case any accident happens with any of the advocates resides in the state.

In addition to increase Advocate Welfare Stamp cost, the deputy chief minister also announced the formation of a Rs 11 crore worth 4-storey building on 66 decimals of land for seating arrangements of Advocates. In this 4-storey building, around 1500 advocates have their offices.

In addition to that, the state government has also announced 74 new special courts for execution of cases related to liquor ban, one special court in each district to hear cases that falls under the Disability Rights Acts 2016, and 45 new courts to hear cases of POSCO Act.

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