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The Bihar Health Department has launched an App that provides every relevant information about the existing global pandemic in the state. With Sanjiwan App a user can register for a COVID-19 test and can also apply for self-quarantine at home.

Beside that, this app also gives information about the nearest COVID-19 testing centres and hospitals near you. Also, provides you the information of the number of beds available in these hospitals.

It also contains the COVID-19 helpline numbers of all the 38 districts in Bihar.

As I said above, one can register for a COVID-19 test (Rapid Antigen Test) right from the Sanjiwan App and Once the registration completes, the user will get a registration number and an OTP that has to shown while visiting the nearest testing centre. The newly appointed principal secretary (on July 28th 2020) of the Bihar Health Department, Mr. Pratyaya Amrit, however, has said, we are working to collab with private laboratories to give citizens testing facility right at their doorstep.

Mr. Amrit says, right now, the test report is available via SMS but we are working to make it available right within the App.

Bihar Sanjiwan App helps user to apply for Self-Quarantine at Home

Right now, if a user wants to Self-Quarantine himself after tested positive with Corona then he has to visit the city District Magistrate office but with Sanjiwan App, a user can apply for Self-Quarantine right from his home.

Reverse Transcription-Polymerase Chain Reaction Test (RT-PCR) in Bihar

In Private Laboratories, The Bihar Government has capped the maximum cost to conduct the RT-PCR test to Rs. 2,500. However, the laboratories can charge an additional Rs. 300, in case they collects the swab samples from home.

So, that is all about the Sanjiwan app. At the time of writing this article, you won’t find this app on any of the app store but you can download it from the link mentioned below. Also, to install the app on your phone it may require some additional configuration as we are installing it from outside the app or play store.

Sanjiwan App: Click Here to Download

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