Sand Price in Bihar Decreased by 25 Percent

Those who are looking forward to purchase Sand in the state, this is the right time as this year it is the first time, the Sand rate has been decreased in the state by 25 percent. It has been said that the Sand rate has been decreased sharply in North Bihar.

Sand and Stone Chips Rate in Hajipur

On one hand where till Friday the sand was being sold in Hajipur at Rs. 6000 to Rs. 6500 per teller but from Saturday its rate has been reduced to Rs. 4500 to Rs. 5000 per teller. Like the Sand, the rate of Stone chips has also been decreased. Earlier it was sold for Rs. 8500 per teller and now the rate has been reduced to Rs. 6500 per teller. A 23 percent decrease in the rate.

Sand and Stone Chips Rate in Darbhanga, Madhubani, and Muzaffarpur

Earlier the Sand rate in Darbhanga was Rs. 9000 per teller and now has been available at Rs. 7000 per teller. The Price of stone chips in Chapra comes down to Rs. 7500 (from Rs. 9500) per teller. Similarly the Sand and Stone Chips rate has also been reduced in Madhubani, Muzaffarpur and other cities in Bihar.

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