39.24 Lakh Bihar Farmers Applied for Crop Assistance

The Bihar State crop assistance scheme that was introduced back in 2018 is pleasing the farmers in state so much that this year reportedly 39.24 lakh farmers have applied for this scheme.

What is Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme?

The Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme let all categories of famers in the state eligible for financial assistance in case any production loss caused by natural calamity like flood, drought, lightening, hailstorm and more.

Benefits of this Scheme

As I said above this scheme provides financial assistance to all categories of farmers in the state. The farmers do not have to spend a penny from their pocket to avail the benefits of this scheme.

Currently, due to any natural calamity, if a farmer incurs a production loss of up to 20%, then under this scheme, the state government provides Rs. 7,500 assistance per hectare. However, a farmer can available the assistance for a maximum of two hectares only.

If the production loss exceeds 20%, then Rs. 10,000 per hectare financial assistance is provided. Again, a farmer can avail the assistance for a maximum of two hectares.

The Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme at a Glance

  • Rs. 7,500 compensation per hectare if crop damage is up to 20%.
  • Rs. 10,000 compensation per hectare if crop damage is more than 20%.
  • A farmer can avail the compensation for a maximum of two hectares.

Comparing Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme with its Predecessor

Before, Bihar State Crop Assistance Scheme, there was a scheme called Bihar State Crop Insurance Scheme existed. The State Government, Central Government, and Farmers all the three contributes for its premium. While the state and central government contributes 49:49 percent for the premium, on the other side, the farmer bares the remaining 2%.

All this means, to provide assistance under the former scheme, the central and state government gives 49% funding while the farmers themselves have to bear the remaining 2% funding. Hence, you can see, to avail the benefits of the earlier scheme the farmers pay 2% amount as the insurance. However, if you compare the existing scheme, it is completely free and the state government maintains its premium completely. A scheme to win the farmer’s hurt must prevail its existence in the upcoming legislative assembly elections.

22.44 Lakh Non-Ryots Farmers Applied for Assistance

While I mentioned above, this year a total of 39.24 Lakh Farmers applied for the Crop Assistance, out these numbers 22.44 Lakh Farmers are Non-Ryots.

Muzaffarpur, East Champaran, and Saran are the top districts applied for assistance under this scheme. Among these three, however, Muzaffarpur is at the top with around 2.25 lakh farmers applied for assistance.

The Number application received from Non-Ryots farmers leads East Champaran to be at the top. 2.80 Lakh Non-Ryots Farmers applied for assistance from East Champaran, however, merely 74 thousand Ryots farmers from this district has applied for the scheme.

DistrictNon-Ryots Farmers (in Lakhs)Ryots Farmers (in Lakhs)
East Champaran2.800.74
Data of Number of Ryots and Non-Ryots Farmers applied for assistance under Bihar State Crop assistance Scheme from select district.

The Application Deadline extends three times in Past

To let more and more farmers, avail the benefit of this scheme, the State Cooperative Department has extended the application deadline three times in past. Now, recently, at the end of the last month the deadline of this scheme has expired.

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