50 Percent Subsidy on Compost and Seeds for Spice Cultivation in Bihar

Bihar currently cultivates an average of two crops every year. The Bihar government will now encourage farmers in the state to cultivate an average of three crops every year. For this, the state government has now started working on a new scheme. Under this new scheme, the government will motivate farmers to plant crops that do not require much sunlight on the remaining land after planting trees in the garden. In these crops, ol, ginger, and turmeric will be given priority.

Under the Integrated Farming Scheme, the state government will provide a 50 percent subsidy to farmers to purchase compost and seeds to cultivate these crops. Apart from this, the government will also train farmers on how to grow these crops.

Talking about mango and litchi orchards in the state, only 40 percent of the land in these orchards is used for planting trees, while the remaining 60 percent can be cultivated in crops like ol, ginger, and turmeric. By the way, if we talk about the cultivable area in the state, then it is much higher than the average in the country. At present, 60 percent of the total land area in the state is used for farming. This average is 42 percent in the country.

Mango is currently cultivated in 1.57 lakh hectares in Bihar, while litchi is cultivated in 33269 hectares. Guava is cultivated on 27613 hectares. At the same time it is being said that spices can be cultivated in 75 thousand hectares of these gardens. It will now be seen when the state government implements this scheme.

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