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A few days back we told you flight ticket booking for Darbhanga Airport had been started, many of our readers either confused or didn’t know How to book flight tickets for the Darbhanga Airport. Hence, here we are with an article explaining how to book flight tickets for Darbhanga Airport.

For now the low cost Indian Airline SpiceJet has been allowed to start passenger flights in between Darbhanga to three other cities i.e. Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru.

The first flight to take off from Darbhanga Airport is on November 8, 2020 for Bengaluru. The maiden flight SG-493 would first reach the Darbhanga Airport from Bengaluru at 11:15am and then take off (as SG-494) for Bengaluru at 4:25pm.

While opening the ticket booking window for Darbhanga Airport, initially, SpiceJet gave a discount for tickets, however, today, when I saw the ticket price they had doubled the earlier one. Earlier, SpiceJet charged a minimum of Rs 3799 for all the tickets for Darbhanga Airport. Now, the price surged by 114% on Delhi and 133% on Mumbai and Bengaluru routes. Now, a ticket for Delhi-Darbhanga flight is available in between Rs 8132 to Rs 9330. Similarly for Mumbai and Bengaluru routes the ticket charges are Rs 8866 and Rs 10066 respectively.

So, that is all about the ticket pricing for the Darbhanga Airport. Let’s talk now, how to book a ticket for the same.

How to Book a Flight Ticket for Darbhanga Airport? (Steps)

To book a flight ticket for Darbhanga Airport, first visit the SpiceJet official website at

Next, fill out the name of Departure and Arrival City as well as the Departure Date. Make sure to choose the departure date on and after November 8, 2020 because the first flight to take off from the Darbhanga Airport is on this date only.

Once you fill out these details, you can choose the travel package in between the Spicesaver and Spicemax. The first one gives you only the free check-in baggage while the later one gives you Priority Privileges, Extra Leg-room, Complimentary Meal and Beverage. Definitely, the price of both the packages varies. It’s up to you which one you choose.

Now, once you fill and choose the above details, next click on continue to fill the passenger details and proceed for further checkout.

You can repeat the same steps to book flights from Darbhanga Airport to the other three Airports, the name of which I mentioned above.

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