Bihar Parivahan App Displays Real Time Road Accidents Data

In a bid to make the Road Accidents Data public and to innovate new measurements to prevent such accidents, the Bihar Transport Department is soon going to launch an app called Bihar Parivahan that displays the real time as well as the past accidents data in the state.

The Bihar Transport Department has already made the app and soon will list it out on the popular app stores like Google Play.

List of Data the Bihar Parivahan App Consists

Below is the list of data that one can find in the Bihar Parivahan App.

  1. Place of Accident
  2. Time and Date of Accident
  3. Casualty
  4. Vehicle Number
  5. Investigating Officer
  6. Name of Victim
  7. Name of Accused
  8. Driving License Information
  9. Fine History for Traffic Violation Rules
  10. Permit Fee
  11. Pollution Under Control Certificate
  12. Tax Payment

The main aim to build this app is to record and reduce road accidents in the state by innovating new methods.

Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, Transport Secretary

The app contains all the road accidents information in digital form which will be provided to the police stations, so that they can easily investigate the accident.

Also, it will help the officials to decide the cause of accidents that might be due to faulty road engineering, bad junction design, inadequate signage and more.

Currently, the road accidents data in Bihar is collected manually at the end of the year. Well, on one side where the current method is time consuming while on other side it doesn’t ease the authority to counter and investigate the accident.

Let’s see when this app is going to be listed on the play stores, however, in between you can subscribe us, hence as soon as we write about the same, you’ll come to know about it.

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