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The Union Minister of Road, Transport and Highways, Shri Nitin Gadkari today has inaugurated a new bridge in Koilwar, Bihar over the Sone River.

In this virtual inauguration ceremony, the Chief Minister of Bihar, Shri Nitish Kumar, Deputy Chief Ministers Tarkishore Prasad and Renu Devi and other ministers were also present with the Union Minister.

The bridge will prove to be a key place to facilitate traffic in between the districts of South and Central Bihar (especially Ara, Patna, Chapra). Particularly, this bridge will ease the transportation of construction materials like sand from the sone river.

The Construction of Downstream is still remaining

Today, the Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has inaugurated the upstream of the bridge because the upstream of the bridge has been constructed so far. The downstream of the bridge, on the other hand, is expected to be completed by October next year.

Revealing the specification of this 1.52 Km long bridge, it has 16 meter wide three lanes both in the upstream and the downstream. That means this bridge has a total of six lanes.

The upstream of the bridge rests on 37 pillars. The same is also true for downstream. However, so far, 11 out of 37 pillars have been constructed in the downstream part of the bridge.

The Bridge could be named after Dr. Vashishtha Narayan Singh

It is expected, this new bridge over the Sone river in Koilwar could be named after the renowned mathematician Dr. Vashishtha Narayan Singh who died last year after prolonged illness.

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