rds college to soon open a girls hostel

Affiliated to Bihar University, The RDS College in Muzaffarpur is soon going to open a girls hostel in the college premises.

The newly joined principal of the college, Professor Amita Sharma said, to attend the class in college, a reasonable number of girls come from remote locations. Constructing a girls hostel in the college premises will definitely help them in attending classes. Hence, we are looking forward to opening a girls hostel in the college.

Goal to get A Grade Accreditation from NAAC

The Principal said, for now, our first priority is to get A Grade accreditation from NAAC. However, to construct the girls hostel in the college, the Principal said to soon meet the Deputy Chief Minister Smt. Renu Devi and will ask for the funds both from the Deputy Chief Minister Smt. Renu Devi and the member of parliament “Ajay Nishad”.

A Swimming Pool in the College

In addition to the girls hostel, the college is also looking forward to building a swimming pool in the pond of RDS College. But before that the beautification of the Pond will be done. Till the end of this year, all these works are proposed to be completed.

Health Centre in the College

Before getting the A Grade accreditation from NAAC, The college looks forward to opening a Health Centre in the College premises. In the health centre, Doctors, Nurses and Compounders will be recruited to treat the students of the college.

Courses in Library Science and Journalism

Starting this academic year, the College is also going to start a course in Library Science and Journalism. The Principal said, both the graduate and post-graduate courses in Journalism will be started in the college.

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