Bihar Industrial Revolution Ethanol Production
Credits: New Atlas

In a bid to bring Industrial Revolution in the state through Ethanol Production, Bihar is now ready to produce 50 crore litres of Ethanol yearly.

This Monday, while addressing the Legislative Council, Syed Shahnawaz Hussain who is currently holding the Ministry of Industries in the Government of Bihar revealed, so far, 20 companies have proposed to set up ethanol production units in the state and we will decide about giving them approval within a week.

If these 20 companies will get approval to set up the production unit then, Bihar will produce 50 crore litres of Ethanol yearly. Currently, Bihar produces 12 crore litres of Ethanol yearly has locked the number five position in the list of states producing Ethanol in the country.

Yesterday, the Ministry of Transport and Highway also released a draft about a fuel called E20 that is basically a blend of ethanol and petrol and said, E20 might be used as the future fuel for vehicles running in India.

Oil companies have also planned to buy around 283 crore litres of Ethanol this year. Amid all this if Bihar approved these 20 unnamed companies to set up Ethanol Production units in the state then that would not be beneficial for the state only but also to the farmers who are producing sugarcane, rice, and other crops whose residues are used to produce Ethanol.

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