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This Friday, Sanjeev Hans, the secretary of State Energy Department, presented the detailed background, layout, and benefits of the Dagmara Hydro Power Project in front of the Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar. Those of you who don’t know, Dagmara Hydro Power Project is planned to be set up on the bank of Kosi river in Dagmara Village, Supaul, Bihar.

Dagmara Hydro Power Project Tentative Layout
Dagmara Hydro Power Project Tentative Layout | Photo Credits: Mantec Consultants Private Limited

Bihar State HydroElectric Power Corporation has been given the responsibility to complete this project which is estimated to worth Rs. 375 crore. The Central Water Commission has given approval to this project on June 12, 2020.

While reviewing the presentation of this 130.1 MW Dagmara Hydro Power Project, the Chief Minister of the state said, this Hydro Power Project will not just generate the low cost electricity but will also benefit the flood prone districts in Bihar.

On one hand where this project generates employment, on the other hand, it will also give a boost to eco-tourism in the same area. This project is said to generate the below list of opportunities.

  • Power Generation Status of Bihar
  • Create Opportunities for Employment
  • Will Encourage Ecotourism
  • An alternate bridge over Kosi.
  • Fisheries Cultivation
  • Groundwater Recharge
  • Floating Solar Power
  • Carbon Credit

This project involves the construction of barrage on the Koshi river hence the Chief Minister asked the officials always to be on active mode so as to avoid any kind of accident.

Bihar Energy Department Minister Bijendra Prasad Yadav was also present during the presentation and he also agreed with the Chief Minister.

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