To help the families to check the medical condition of the COVID patients who are admitted in the Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital, the Darbhanga District Administration has launched an App called COVID Bulletin App.

The app is listed on Google Playstore, however, to check the medical condition of a patient, one needs to enter the registered mobile number of the patient.

The app lists the following details of the COVID patient once entered the patient’s registered mobile number.

  1. Pulse
  2. Temperature
  3. SPO2 Level
  4. Whether the patient is using the Oxygen Cylinder or not
  5. Doctor attending the patient
Darbhanga COVID Bulletin App Interface

The app is also said to help the district administration to monitor the COVID patients admitted in the DMCH hospital.

At the time of writing this article, there are more than 100 installs of this app, however, one can’t find it easily on the Google Playstore. Hence, to ease the process of finding the app one can use the below link to access the app.

COVID Bulletin App: Link

The app size is 8.5 MB and it requires at least Android version 4.1 to operate.

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