COVID 19 Hospitals Muzaffarpur List
COVID 19 Hospitals in Muzaffarpur

In this article, I am listing out all the government approved hospitals in Muzaffarpur that are treating the COVID-19 patients.

The second wave of COVID-19 has finally found its way to Muzaffarpur and now the people living in this district are getting affected by this global pandemic.

Seeing the same, the state government has categorised some hospitals in Muzaffarpur to treat the COVID-19 patients.

Before listing the name of hospitals in Muzaffarpur that are treating the COVID-19 patients let me tell you that these hospitals are basically grouped in three categories which I have defined below.

  1. COVID Care Centre (CCC): Hospitals marked with CCC are those ones that are treating patients having mild or very mild symptoms of COVID-19. A COVID Care Centre could also be set up in hostels, hotels, schools, and stadiums, it doesn’t matter whether it is public or private. It’s up to the district administration to take this decision.
  2. Dedicated COVID Health Centre (DCHC): The next facility where COVID patients are treated are marked with DCHC. The Dedicated COVID Health Centre are those facilities that treat patients moderately affected with COVID-19. As per the Ministry of Family and Health Affair, a DCHC facility must have beds with assured oxygen support and a dedicated Basic Life Support Ambulance (BLSA) which is equipped with sufficient oxygen support for ensuring safe transport of a patient to a DCH i.e. Dedicated COVID Hospital if the symptoms progress from moderate to severe.
  3. Dedicated COVID Hospital (DCH): These hospitals treat COVID patients who have been clinically assigned as severe. These hospitals must be fully equipped with ICUs, Ventilators and beds with assured Oxygen support.

Now, coming to our city Muzaffarpur, below is the list of all government approved CCC, DCHC, and DCH facilities available along with their contact details.

HospitalCategoryContact Number
 Glocal HospitalDCHC9431462061
 SKMCH, MuzaffarpurDCH9431238837
 Minority HostelCCC9431462061
 Ashoka HospitalDCHC9771845030
 IT MemorialDCHC9102406004
 Prasad HospitalDCHC8969295953
 Maa Janki HospitalDCHC9431238116
 Medica EmergencyDCHC9835416318
 Glaxy HospitalDCHC7717772375
 Bhawani HospitalDCHC9835426939
 RDJM Medical CollegeDCHC9431238837

Disclaimer: The above data is taken from one of the Bihar Government Website (Link).

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