Bihar extends the validity of Motor Vehicle Documents till December 31, 2020

If we follow a report from a local newspaper then since 2019 around 10 thousand DL and RC are stuck in the DTO, Muzaffarpur.

These Driving Licenses and Registration Certificates haven’t been dispatched to their applicant so far.

More than a dozen of applicants are visiting the transportation office per day but failed to get any acknowledgment about their DL and RC.

It is said, these documents are stuck in the district transport office since the tenure of the previous transport officer “Rajnish Lal” who has recently been accused of running a wide extortion racket.

The DLs and RCs will soon be made available via a Camp

The newly joined transportation officer, Lal Jyotinath Sahdev has said, we are planning to organize a camp on our office premises after August 15, 2021, where we will distribute the pending DL and RC to the applicants.

So, if you are one of those Applicants who wants to get his/her DL and RC then can get the same soon by bringing the original challan of your DL or RC and Aadhaar Card to the DTO office when called.

Mr. Sahdev has said after he joined the Muzaffarpur DTO, 4500 DLs and 1500 RCs have been dispatched to the applicants but still, the office has a huge number of DLs and RCs stored.

The transportation officer has also said that we have tried to send these documents via Post but there we face some technical problems that’s why we plan to organize a camp instead.

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