Bihar Bans Single Use Plastic From December 2021

In a bid to overcome the state’s pollution, Bihar is going to ban single-use plastic items starting December 14 this year.

Single-use plastic is disposable plastic items commonly used either for packaging or for creating use and throw items, but we can recycle it to create a cleaner environment.

This is not the first time, Bihar has banned the usage of single-use plastic items. If you remember back in 2018 also, the state government brought a similar order but hasn’t implemented it properly.

Now, the News 18 team has reported, the Information Department has said that Bihar will ban single-use plastic items starting December 14, 2021.

The single-use plastic items include Thermocol, Use and throw plastic cups and plates, polythene bags, and other items.

The Information Department has said that anyone found using single-use plastic items after the mentioned date will be punished as per the Indian Penal Code.

Provision of 5 Year Imprisonment if violating the Rule

As per a notification issued by the department of environment, those who are found violating the rules could face 5 years imprisonment along with a fine of Rs. 1 Lakh under the Environment Protection Act 1986.

Bihar isn’t the first state who is going to ban single-use plastic items. Some states have already enforced the same rule and strictly following it.

List of states that so far have banned Single-Use Plastic

  1. Maharastra: Back in March 2018, Maharastra became the first state in India to ban the manufacturing and usage of single-use plastic items.
  2. Telangana: After Maharastra, Telangana became the second state to also do the same on June 14, 2018.
  3. Himachal Pradesh: One of the beautiful states in India that has so many hill stations, Himachal Pradesh also bans single-use plastic since July 2018.
  4. Tamil Naidu bans the use of single-use plastic items from January 1, 2019.

While most of the Indian states have banned single-use plastic items, some of them have released an official notification about the same.

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