40 KM Long Ring Road will be built in Muzaffarpur

On Wednesday, on one hand, where Chief Minister Nitish Kumar approved four new highway projects in Bihar, on the other hand, he also approved the construction of a 40 km-long ring road in Muzaffarpur to connect all the National Highways passing through Muzaffarpur together.

Road Structure

This ring road outside the city will connect the eastern and western regions of the state. NH-28, NH-77, NH-57, and NH-102 will be connected through this ring road.

This ring road from NH-77 in Maghaul will meet NH-28 near Kazi Inda via Purushottam village. Then it will cross Budhi-Gandak near Manika in Budhnagra-Rajwada road and will meet NH-57 near Majhauli. In this way, NH-77, NH-28, and NH-57 will be connected to each other. This part of the ring road connecting these three National Highways will be 21 km long, in which two bridges will be constructed over the Budhi-Gandak river at Budhnagra Ghat. One on the Muzaffarpur-Samastipur rail route and the other on Muzaffarpur-Hajipur rail route.

Apart from this, the Ring Road from NH-102 will meet NH-77 via Ladaura.

The Ring Road will reduce the traffic pressure on the city

With the construction of this ring road, vehicles coming from Patna and Begusarai can pass through the bypass from outside the city. So far, vehicles coming from Patna and Begusarai go towards NH-57 via Kachi Pakki, Ramdayalunagar, Gobarsahi, Bhagwanpur, Chandni Chowk, and Zero mile. This creates a traffic jam in the city.

In the proposed ring road, the Muzaffarpur-Barauni road will be connected to the Muzaffarpur-Hajipur road through a five-kilometer-long bypass. Similarly, the Muzaffarpur-Barauni road will be connected to the Muzaffarpur-Darbhanga East-West Corridor through an 11 km long bypass. That will reduce the traffic congestion in the city to a great extent.

It is being estimated that Rs 344 crore will be spent to complete this ring road project. In this, 43.6 hectares of land will be acquired. The width of this ring road will be 12 meters.

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  1. It’s appreciabe project of Bihar Govt, such projects will also make the surrounding people life simpler.

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