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If you live in any of these three districts – Begusarai, Supaul, and Sekhpura-you can see your Land Parcel Map (LPM) online right now.

In addition to these three districts, the survey work to bring more maps online is being conducted in 20 districts.

Once the survey of land completes, a draft map is prepared that is called the Land Parcel Map.

A Land Parcel Map contains the below set of things.

  1. The boundary of a plot.
  2. Owners Name and Acerage

The state government makes this land parcel map available to the users for a limited set of time in which they can raise their concern if find any error in the map.

If a user doesn’t raise any concern in a given time, then the draft map (aka land parcel map) will be finalized.

Let me now explain to you, How to see the land parcel map online.

Steps to download your Land Parcel Map (LPM) online in Bihar

To see your land parcel map visit this direct link.

Land Parcel Map Online Bihar
Land Parcel Map Online Bihar

Select your district, subdivision, circle, mauza, and other details.

Now, as soon as you click on any plot number from the map present on the right side, the plot info will be open on the left side of the screen.

The Plot info contains the following details.

  1. Acreage (Rakwa)
  2. Khesra Number
  3. Owners Name (Raiyat Name)
  4. Father’s/Husband’s Name
  5. Caste
  6. Address
  7. Kheti Chauhadi
  8. Lagan
  9. Land Classification

You will see a link by the name “LPM report” below plot info details.

Click on the same link to download the Land Parcel Map for the selected plot number.

Why has the government started issuing LPM online?

The LPM is issued by Amin as per the present process. Many say that Amin demands the bribe to issue the LPM. To make LPM available for free to the people, the state government has started issuing LPM online.

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