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Those of you who don’t know, a 2.2 km road bridge is being built over the Sone river that will bring three states i.e. Bihar, Jharkhand, and UP close to each other.

Right now, the Kaimur and Rohtas districts in Bihar, Garhwa and Palamu districts in Jharkhand, and Sonbhadra district in UP are separated from each other due to the Sone River and one can reach from one district to another via a circuitous route.

The new road bridge on the Sone river that is scheduled to be completed by 2024 will connect Panduka in Rohtas District to Shrinagar in Garhwa, Jharkhand.

The estimated cost to build this bridge is Rs. 210.13 crore. Under the 2018-19 annual plan, the bridge was approved to get Rs 500 crore under PM’s package but the same fund was allocated to Vikramshila Bridge. Last year, the Union Road and Transportation Minister, Nitin Gadkari put the project under Central Road and Infrastructure Fund (CRIF).

The Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the bridge has already been sanctioned and so does its tender.

The bridge will benefit around 60 lakh people that includes mostly tribals and scheduled castes.

Once constructed, the bridge will reduce the distance between Bihar and Delhi by 70-130 km.

People from Bihar are visiting Varanasi for medical treatment. This bridge will help them to quickly reach Varanasi as currently, they are reaching Varanasi via Aurangabad, which is a longer route.

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