Traffic Signals 20 Places Muzaffarpur

As per census 2011, Muzaffarpur is a city of around 50 lakh people.

You can estimate the population of the city now after 20 years as there isn’t any official data.

With this population, the city is facing day-to-day traffic jams primarily due to a large number of vehicles running in the city.

The problem is these vehicles don’t run in a managed way as there is no system yet.

To control traffic jams, the Muzaffarpur Municipal Corporation is now installing Traffic Signals at 20 places in the city.

Yesterday, the first traffic signal was installed at the west end of Maripur overbridge.

The corporation has decided to install Traffic Signals at 20 major places in the city to try whether it controls the traffic jam or not.

Thereafter, if everything goes by the smooth handle, then, the corporation might install more traffic signals in our city.

Those of you who have noticed, the city already has traffic signals at one place.

Guess where?

It’s at the Saraiyaganj Tower. It’s been years since the traffic signal was installed there but soon was damaged.

So, what is your opinion about this project.

What do you think, does Muzaffarpur Municipal Corporation will fulfill its promise to install at least these 20 traffic signals in the city?

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