Muzaffarpur Sewage Treatment Plant Tender Release Next Week
Muzaffarpur Sewage Treatment Plant | Representational Image

Last December, we first came to know about a Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) that is going to be built soon in Muzaffarpur.

Thereafter, In January this year, we came to know about the beautification of Sikandarpur Lake that is situated near the Marine Drive in Muzaffarpur.

Then, In April this year, we learned, the tender for both the project will be released soon.

Now, following a report from a local newspaper “Prabhat Khabar”, I am happy to inform you, the Tender to Beautify Sikandarpur Lake and also to construct a Sewage Treatment Plant has now been released.

The report says the lake will soon be beautified at a cost of Rs. 149 crore.

While more official details are yet to come, so far we have learned that the beautification of the lake involves:

  1. Constructing a 360-degree blue restaurant
  2. Cycle Pathway
  3. Sculpture in the Lake Area
  4. Swings for children and more.

Coming towards the STP, It is going to be built on the opposite side of Sikandarpur Lake (The other side of Marine Drive). The cost to construct this STP has been estimated at Rs. 233 crore.

The Sewage Treatment Plant will be connected with three Storm Water Drainage that is estimated to be built at Rs. 183 crore.

The water of the below four areas will flow through this drainage.

  1. Laxmi Chowk
  2. Juran Chapra
  3. Imlichatti
  4. Sikandarpur

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