NTPC will soon close Barauni and Kanti Thermal Power Station

Soon all small power stations in Bihar is going to be shut down and the same has been started with Muzaffarpur’s Kanti and Barauni Thermal power station.

NTPC is soon going to close two units each of Kanti and Barauni thermal power station, where each unit generates 110 Mega watts of electricity.

You may be curious to know why these power stations are shutting down?

Well, as per the officials, these power stations are too old and now their electricity production cost is comparetively higher.

Seeing the same, recently, In a letter to Bihar government, the central government said, if the state government want to break their tie up with any of the centre’s thermal power station (like the Kanti thermal power station which is managed by NTPC), then they are free to do so.

After getting the letter, this month, the Bihar government broke its tie up with NTPC Kanti and Barauni and the state stops receiving electricity from them.

As per some officials, so far, Bihar receives electricity from NTPC Kanti at the rate of Rs. 5 per unit which is costlier in compare to the electricity provided by other sources. That’s why decided to broke the tie up from NTPC Kanti.

Back in 1985, NTPC Kanti was constructed with the effort of Former Defence Minister of India, George Fernandes. That time the power station produces 50 Mega watts of electricity. The power station was stalled in the year 2002-2003 but In the year 2005-06, the state CM, Nitish Kumar ordered to renovate it at the cost of Rs. 472.80 crores. In 2013, the first unit of Kanti Thermal Power Station was started and the second unit starts next year. Both the units in combine produced 220 Mega watts of electricity.

Thereafter, the Barauni Thermal Power Station was renovated at the cost of Rs. 581.20 crores. In 2015, both of its unit in combine produces 220 Mega watts of electricity.

The state government has broken its tie up NTPC Kanti and Barauni thermal power station as the newly built Navinagar Thermal Power station is capable of fullfilling all the electricity needed by our state.

Now, on one hand, where state government is broking their tie up with NTPC Kanti and Barauni which results in closing down both of these power stations, the opposition stated asking questions with both the state and central government regarding the employment of personells working on both of these power stations.

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