Muzaffarpur Install Smart Prepaid Meter Four Phase

Yesterday, the power companies present in the state filed a petition to the Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission.

In that petition, the power companies demanded to increase the electricity cost by 10% starting April next year.

The power companies demanded to increase the electricity rates of all categories.

Those of you who don’t know, till November 15 of every year, the power companies are submitting their proposal of electricity rates.

After calculating the increasing cost of power supply, this year in the same proposal, the power companies have demanded to increase the electricity rates by 10% of all categories.

After the public hearing, the commission will decide whether the rates will be updated as demanded or not.

In the petition filed, the power companies have also shown the expenditure and income incurred in the year 2020-21. And, at the same time showed the expected income and expenditure for the current financial year i.e. 2021-22.

In addition of demanding to increase the electricity rates by 10%, the power companies have also reduced the slab of urban domestic consumers from 2 to 3. Their first slab will now be from 0 to 200 units.

This year, the company has submitted its proposal regarding the power tariff within the stipulated time. Once the commission will fix the rate, the state government will announce the grant.

Sanjeev Hans, Energy Secretary and Chairman cum Managing Director, Electricity Company

In the table below, I have shown you the current rate of electricity with and without grants in the rural and urban areas of the state.

AreaUnitWithout GrantWith Grant
100 and more6.703.15
201 and more8.056.22

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