Mithila Makhana One More GI Tagged Products Bihar

The Bihar Agricultural University, Bhagalpur recently submitted the application to make Makhana a GI Tagged Product from Bihar.

For those of you who don’t know, Bihar accounts to produce more than 85% of the total Makhana produced in India.

Below are the major Makhana producing districts from Bihar.

  1. Madhubani
  2. Darbhanga
  3. Sitamarhi
  4. Saharsa
  5. Katihar
  6. Purnia
  7. Supaul
  8. Kishanganj
  9. Araria

As you can see, all the above districts belong to the Mithila Region, hence, people from the Mithila region demand to name the GI Product – Mithila Makhana.

Earlier it was proposed to name the product “Bihar Makhana”.

However, after seeing the people’s reactance, Bihar Agriculture Minister, Shri Amarendra Pratap Singh stated that the product will be named “Mithila Makhana” and people should not worry about the same.

Makhana from Bihar is all set to get the GI Tag as the process is in its last stage. A team from Geographical Indications Registry has recently visited the state and met with the respective officials of the Mithilancal Makhana Producer’s group and completed the necessary steps.

Hence, one more Product will soon be added to the list of GI Tagged Products from Bihar.

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