No Change in Power Subsidy in Bihar

The different power companies in Bihar have recently filed a petition proposing a 10% increase in energy charge.

In the same petition, the power companies propose to increase the electricity fixed charge as well.

For those of you who don’t know, the fixed charge is a fixed amount (different from the energy charge) that varies for different types of electricity consumers. The fixed charge should be submitted each month 

Now, in addition of proposing to increase the energy charge, the power companies have demanded to increase the fixed charge as well. The power companies have proposed to increase the fixed charge by 10% for all types of electricity consumers.

Let’s take a look at the present fixed charge for different types of electricity consumers as well as what will be the fixed charge if the Bihar Electricity Regulatory Commission will approve the proposal of the power companies.

Type of Consumer Current Fixed Charge (Per Connection Per Month) Proposed Fixed Charge (Per Connection Per Month)
Those who fall below the poverty lineRs 10Rs 11
Rural Domestic ConsumersRs 20 per kilowattRs 22 per kilowatt
Urban Domestic ConsumersRs 40 per kilowattRs 44 per kilowatt
Rural Business ConsumersRs 30 per kilowattRs 33 per kilowatt
On-Demand Electricity Business ConsumersRs 100Rs 110
Agriculture Electricity Connection (IAS-1)*Rs 800 per horsepowerRs 879 per horsepower
Government Tap WellRs 240 per kilowattRs 264 per kilowatt
Small Industries (LTS-1)Rs 144 per kilowattRs 158 per kilowatt
Small Industries (LTS-2)Rs 180 per kilowattRs 198 per kilowatt
Big Industries (HT)Rs 300 per kilowattRs 330 per kilowatt
The current and expected electricity fixed charge of different types of consumers in the state.

Right now, the fixed charge for agriculture electricity connection (IAS-1) is Rs 800 per horsepower per month. The same has now been increased to Rs 879. Out of this 800 rupee, the state government bears Rs 726 and the farmers only have to give Rs 84.

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