Bihar Vidhan Parishad Election to Start From June 7

The Winter Session of the Bihar Legislative Assembly starts on Monday.

In this session, the Bihar assembly passes the Bihar Land Mutation Amendment Bill 2021.

The Minister of House, Revenue, and Land Reforms, Shri Ram Surat Rai presented the bill in the assembly and seek its approval.

The minister said that most of the land-related disputes have arisen due to the non-availability of land mutation.

Some families have been found that if they have got mutation of their land, they sell it again and again to increase the cost of the land. In such a situation, the buyer is cheated and they get the land at an expensive price.

Bihar Land Mutation Amendment Bill 2021 has been made to stop such a process.

The minister told that through this bill, it will also be mandatory for the people to present the map of the land while getting the mutation done. With this, the information of the owner and his land map will be issued online at the time of mutation, so that any person can know the name and other information of the owner of any land in Bihar.

The minister said that 50 to 60 percent of land-related dispute cases are registered in the police stations of Bihar due to the non-mutation of land.

After urging all the members present in the house to pass this bill, the assembly finally passed the Bihar Land Amendment Bill 2021.

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