Muzaffarpur Eye Hospital Takes Patients EyeSight After Cataract Surgery

Muzaffarpur Eye Hospital reportedly takes the eyesight of several patients after conducting Cataract surgery of one eye.

Under Health Department’s Blindness Prevention Scheme, the eye hospital organized a camp to conduct eye operations for free.

The camp starts on November 22, 2021.

On the very first day, the camp conducts the eye surgery of 65 patients.

The hospital has reportedly operated 65 patients on November 22 itself whereas a total of 243 patients in between November 23 to 27.

All these operations have reportedly been performed by the same doctor (Dr. ND Sahu) who is said to be not even from the hospital panel and has any experience of conducting eye surgery.

The whole matter came to light when one after other seven patients lose their sight and reaches the office of the city’s civil surgeon Dr. Vinay Kumar Sharma on November 29. The city civil surgeon then informed the same matter to the District Magistrate Pranav Kumar who then formed a team to investigate the hospital.

In the preliminary investigation, the four-member team led by Dr. Subhash P found that on November 22, 65 patients underwent eye surgery in the hospital. Out of these 65 patients, we know so far about 13 patients whose eyes have been removed or have undergone treatment.

In a report to the Hindustan Times, the assistant manager of Muzaffarpur Eye Hospital, Deepak Kumar accepted the hospital has removed the eyes of four patients whereas referred others to hospitals in Patna.

Different reports are telling different stories.

While as per Hindustan Times, 12 patients have lost their sight whereas National Herald says 40 people have lost their sight. However, it is for sure, if more than 300 people have participated in the camp then, the numbers might rise.

The Matter Has Reached Supreme Court

Amid all this, yesterday, Advocate SK Jha has reportedly filed a complaint regarding the same to the Supreme Court, National Human Rights Commission, and State Human Rights Commission.

Private Hospitals Benefits More From The Scheme

As I told you above, Under Health Department’s Blindness Prevention Scheme, private hospitals are conducting frequent eye operations. For each operation, the hospitals are getting Rs. 4000 from the government. For earning more money, these hospitals neglect the standard operating procedure and treat more patients than the selected number.

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