Muzaffarpur Boiler Explosion Case

Today, at around 10 am, a boiler explodes in a factory (that makes noodles) located in Bela Industrial Area, Muzaffarpur.

The incident takes 7 lives whereas 12 laborers are said to be injured.

The explosion was so strong that people heard it 5 km away.

While the factory collapsed in the incident, several nearby buildings were also damaged.

At the time of writing this article, it is unknown, how many workers were in the factory while the incident happened.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar expressed his grief after hearing about the incident. He announced Rs 4 lakh compensation to the family of the deceased and ordered the officials to take care of the injured.

The state CM has also ordered to set up an inquiry about why this incident happened in the first place.

Officers from Patna have been sent to Muzaffarpur to inquire about the incident in detail.

The state CM said we will take strict actions against those who will be found guilty as per the inquiry report.

In addition to CM Nitish Kumar, Prime Minister Modi also expressed his grief for the incident.

Bihar Industries Minister, Shahnawaz Hussain also expressed his grief and said, culprits, will not be spared.

The District Magistrate and SSP quickly reach the incident spot once heard about it.

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