Muzaffarpur Patna Bypass

The construction of the Muzaffarpur Patna Bypass was pending since 2009.

After 11 years, the construction process was started last year under the guidance of then District Magistrate “Dr. ChandraShekhar Singh”.

The construction was pending because of land disputes.

The bypass is said to fall in the land of 36 villages. Therefore, villagers are demanding appropriate compensation for their land.

Last year, In a village called Magaul (falls in between Muzaffarpur and Patna), villagers stopped the officials to construct the bypass. The construction process was resumed later after the then District Magistrate “Dr. ChandraShekhar Singh” visited the disputed place.

So far, only 30% of the construction work has been completed.

However, some officials believe the Muzaffarpur Patna bypass might complete next year.

Once the construction of the bypass will be completed, Muzaffarpur will get rid of day-to-day traffic jams.

Muzaffarpur Ring Road Construction Might Start in 2022

The National Highway Authority of India has already approved the construction of Muzaffarpur Ring Road.

It is expected, the construction of Muzaffarpur Ring Road will also be starting next year.

Rs 900 Crore Muzaffarpur Smart City Project is currently being Constructed

At the time of writing this article, projects worth around Rs 900 crore are currently being constructed for Muzaffarpur Smart City.

Most of these projects are planned to complete by the end of next year.

Here is the list of these projects:

  1. Integrated Command and Control Center
  2. Beautification of Sikandarpur Lake
  3. Sewage Treatment Plant
  4. Drainage Network
  5. Spinal and Peripheral Road
  6. Smart Market Complex
  7. Parks Beautification
  8. Renovation of Bariya Bus Stand and LS College

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