Muzaffarpur Smart City Vacancy

Back in 2017, Muzaffarpur was selected as a Smart City.

Its been more than three years but no major smart city projects have been completed so far.

Although there are several reasons for the same, the primary one is the vacant posts in Muzaffarpur Smart City Company Ltd.

It seems like the company has now filled all its necessary vacant posts because some of its project workflows are now initiated.

In this article, I will talk about all the projects assigned under Muzaffarpur Smart City.

Currently, I found a total of 9 major projects but some reports say there are more than a dozen projects.

Let’s talk about them now.

Muzaffarpur Smart City Projects: A List Of 9

Spinal Road From Bairiya Golambar To Railway Station

The workflow of the spinal road that is yet to be constructed in between Bairiya Golambar and Railway Station is started. To widen the road and set up underground electricity and telephone wires, trees that are present aside from the road are being shifted to another place.

An agency from Jharkhand has been given the tender to complete this project. It is the same agency to whom the responsibility is given to also construct the Akharaghat Peripheral Road, which we will discuss now.

Akharaghat Peripheral Road Project

Under Muzaffarpur Smart City Project a peripheral road is to be constructed between Dharamshala Chowk to Akharaghat Bridge via Tilak Maidan Road and Saraiyaganj Tower Chowk.

The cost to construct both the spinal and the peripheral road is estimated at Rs. 60 crore.

Smart Road in between Motijheel to Harisabha Chowk

All roads built under the Muzaffarpur Smart City project are considered Smart Roads.

The road in between Motijheel Adarsh Nagar and Harisabha Chowk via Kalyani Chowk will also be connected to the Smart Road Network in Muzaffarpur.

More than Rs. 5.5 crore has been estimated to complete this project. Its work order is also released.

Transforming Sikandarpur Stadium Into A Multipurpose Sports Complex

We had told you earlier that the Sikanderpur stadium is being converted into a sports complex. Some more information has come out about this.

According to a report in Prabhat Khabar, 5000 people will be able to enjoy different sports by sitting together in this stadium.

The cost of this project is being said to be Rs 19 crore. Its work has started last March, while it is estimated that it will be completed within one and a half years.

Tourist Information Centre Near Bairiya and Imlichatti Bus Stand

The tourist Information Center will be constructed near Bairia and Imlichatti Bus Stand of Muzaffarpur so that tourists visiting Vaishali and East Champaran do not face any problems.

An estimate of Rs 72 lakh has been given to complete this project, while a target of three months has been set for its completion.

Through these tourist information centers, tourists will be able to easily know the geographical, historical, cultural, and mythological heritage of Muzaffarpur, Vaishali, and East Champaran.

New Update on October 27, 2021

The center is proposed to be built in a nearby land owned by the road construction department. On October 26, 2021, the city municipal commissioner (Vivek Ranjan Matrey) signed the agreement with the selected agency and asked them to submit the security money as soon as possible. During the agreement, in addition to the contractor Devanand Singh several smart city officials were present including CGM Rajesh Sinha.

Integrated Control Center In Company Bagh

Muzaffarpur Integrated Command and Control Center

To monitor the traffic and crime-related incidents of the city, an Integrated Command and Control Center is being constructed by demolishing the existing building of MRDA.

The target has been set to complete this project within 9 months. At the same time, Rs 11 crore will be spent to complete this project.

A Municipal Shopping Mart will be built on Tilak Maidan Road

In Tilak Maidan Road, the Municipal Corporation will break its old market and make a municipal market. On one hand, where there are 29 shops in the existing market, on the other hand, the number of shops will increase after the formation of the municipal market.

The agency has also been selected to complete this project, but due to the non-availability of 29 existing shops, the work of this project has not started.

The cost of completing this project is being said to be Rs 14 crore.

25 Mini Bus Stop In Muzaffarpur

M/s Durga Construction Agency has been awarded a contract to construct 25 minibus stops in Muzaffarpur Smart City.

To complete this project, Muzaffarpur Smart Company has signed an agreement with this agency only last month, but the construction work has not started yet.

Under this project, 13 bus stops will be constructed on the spinal road between Bairia and the station, while 6 bus stops will be constructed in Akharaghat peripheral road. Apart from this, 6 stops will be constructed between DM Residence to Saraiyaganj Tower Chowk and Sikanderpur Chowk to Marine Drive Laxmi Chowk.

Face Lifting Project

Under the face-lifting project, the look of the below area is also going to be changed.

  1. Islampur which is famous in the country for its Lahthi collection.
  2. Area in between Company Bagh to DM Residence.
  3. Bank Road

A big agency from Indore has been given the responsibility to complete this project.

Around Rs. 30 crores is estimated to complete this project.

So, these are all the projects we have known so far that fall under Muzaffarpur Smart City Projects. If you think we forgot any then do let us know about it in the comment section below.

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