Integrated Bus Terminal Bairiya Muzaffarpur
Integrated Bus Terminal Bairiya Muzaffarpur | Representational Image

The Bairiya bus stand in Muzaffarpur is going to be beautified and renovated to make it an international bus stand.

It is estimated more than Rs 120 crore would be spent to renovate, beautify and bring new facilities to the bus stand.

Do note that, earlier it was planned to construct the Integrated bus terminal in Imli Chatti bus stand as Bairiya was not part of Muzaffarpur smart city area back then.

However, In a proposal sent to the center in March this year regarding the expansion of the smart city area, the center approved Bairiya to be included in Muzaffarpur smart city area.

Thereafter, the smart city officials decided to construct the integrated bus terminal in the existing bus stand located in Bairiya, Muzaffarpur. The reason is, the Imli Chatti bus stand is located in the middle of the city and the vehicles that reach there have to face the traffic jams of the city. I meant to say that, the vehicles reaching the Bairiya bus stand to face fewer traffic jams in comparison to reaching the Imli Chatti bus stand.

The Detailed Project Report of constructing an Integrated Bus Terminal in Bairiya is in the last phase and would soon be released.

It is said, the Integrated bus terminal in Bairiya will be spread in 8.2 acres of area. It will have facilities like an escalator, dormitory, food court, gaming zone, workshop, tourist information center, bank, post office, and more.

The bus stand will also feature a CNG station and an electric vehicle charging station.

It will have two buildings, the first one will be a two-story building whereas the second one will be a four-story one.

For now, the DPR of the bus stand is being prepared and soon be released. We will get back to you once we came to know more.

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