Muzaffarpur Ranks at 165 position in the Top 10 Cleanest Railway Station in India

Last week, the chairman of the Smart City Board of Directors, Anand Kishore said 70% of the smart city work is to be completed by the end of the upcoming two months and the remaining will be completed in the coming four months.

Seems like his promise is keeping up the pace. Yesterday, In a tender committee meeting, the Managing Director of Muzaffarpur Smart City, Vivek Ranjan Matrey ordered the officials to allot the scrutiny amount to the selected agencies who are going to complete the Smart City Projects of the city.

Projects worth around Rs. 75 crore are soon going to be complete in the coming months. Under this Rs. 75 crore amount, so far as we know, Two main roads in the city and one Integrated Command and Control Centre building is going to be constructed.

The two main roads that are to be built are:

  1. Bairiya Chowk to Station Dharamshala Chowk ( via Brahampura, Laxmi Chowk, MIT (spinal road)).
  2. Station Dharamshala Chowk to Akharaghat Road ( via Tilak Maidan Road, Saraiyaganj Tower, Akharaghat Bridge).

The cost to construct these two main roads is said to be around Rs. 63 crore.

Now, beside these two main roads, as I said above One Integrated Command and Control Centre Building is to be constructed at the place of existing MRDA building by breaking it. The cost to construct this Integrated Command and Control Centre building is said to be around Rs. 11.62 crore.

The Municipal Commissioner of the city who is also the Managing Director of Muzaffarpur Smart City, Vivek Rajan Matrey said, for now the scrutiny amount has been given to the agencies and in under 15 days the work order will also be issued. Hence, it is expected the construction of all these projects may start from February this year.

Do note that, the foundation stone of all these projects were laid by the ex-minister of Bihar Urban Development and Housing Department, Shri Suresh Sharma.

Note: This article has been posted by taking reference from Prabhat Khabar Muzaffarpur Newspaper dated 12-01-2021.

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