Indigo Planes might soon take off from Darbhanga Airport

The Darbhanga Vidyapati Airport that was started last year currently only has permitted SpiceJet to operate their flights to and from the airport.

However, sooner or later more airlines will definitely start operating from the airport. In December last year, we told you Air India is also looking forward to starting their airline services from the Darbhanga Airport and now the Indigo Airlines is also planning to start their airline services from the Darbhanga Vidyapati Airport.

This Tuesday, Indigo said they will soon start their Airline services from Darbhanga, Leh, Agra, Kurnul, Bareli, Durgapur, and Rajkot. Indigo currently operates in 61 cities in India.

To start their Airline services from the Darbhanga Airport, Indigo has asked permission from the Airport Authority of India. This Monday, some officials of the company visited the Airport to inspect its Terminal and Runway and commented the Airport Terminal is small and has no parking system right now but the Darbhanga Airport Authority has assured to resolve these issues ASAP.

At start, Indigo plans to initiate its Airline services for three routes – Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai. It is expected, starting March this year, the airline may start its services for these three routes.

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