Muzaffarpur Sewage Treatment Plant Tender Release Next Week
Muzaffarpur Sewage Treatment Plant | Representational Image

Back in December last year, we first came to know that, Muzaffarpur will get Sewage Treatment Plants in the city.

This Thursday, Muzaffarpur Smart City signed an MoU with the Japanese company “Toshiba” and Jayanti Super Construction to complete Muzaffarpur Sewage and Storm Water Drainage project in the next 24 months.

Below are the officials who have reportedly signed the agreement.

  1. Shailesh Sharma (Vice President, Toshiba)
  2. Jayanti Super Construction Pvt. Ltd.
  3. Vivey Ranjan Matrey (MD, Muzaffarpur Smart City)
  4. Bhudeo Chakravarty (CEO, Muzaffarpur Smart City)

After the agreement, the companies are now starting surveys to spot the project locations.

The tender to beautify Muzaffarpur Sewage and Drainage Project is Rs 234 crores.

What is the current status of the project?

While officials target to complete the project in 24 months, the plan to build 82 km sewage and 30.48 km stormwater drainage system is still remaining.

The selected agency will have to find a space for the sewage in between the ongoing constructed spinal road and drainage. They will soon start a survey for the same. Once the survey completes, the project layout will be prepared.

The Sewage and Storm Water Drainage project is going to build under Area Based Development (ABD) plan. That means the sewage and drainage project will be built in selected areas.

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