Bihar Industrial Revolution Ethanol Production
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The petrol and diesel price is rising day by day.

Seeing the same, the Central Government looks for a different method to produce cheap transportation oil similar to petrol and diesel.

And they found the best alternative called “Ethanol”.

The reason why Ethanol is comparatively cheaper than petrol and diesel is because it is produced from agricultural products like sugarcane, maize, rice, molasses, etc.

In India, right now, on one hand, the ethanol price is around Rs 64 per liter whereas petrol price is around Rs 110 per liter.

That’s somewhat double the price.

17 Ethanol Production Plant will open in Bihar

In Bihar, last year, Bihar Industries Minister, Syed Shahnawaz Hussain announced the opening of 17 ethanol plants in the state.

These plants will produce around 36 crore liters of ethanol every year.

The plants will produce the ethanol and then export it to the oil marketing companies to blend it into petrol and diesel.

Below is the list of districts where ethanol production plants are opening in Bihar.

  1. Muzaffarpur
  2. Purnea
  3. Nalanda
  4. Gopalganj
  5. Ara
  6. Begusarai
  7. Bhojpur
  8. Buxar
  9. Madhubani
  10. East Champaran
  11. Bhagalpur

Back in March last year, the state brought the Ethanol Production Promotion Policy.

After bringing out the policy, the state has received 151 investment proposals (regarding the manufacturing of ethanol) worth 30 thousand crores.

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