IIT Patna Creates Suitcase Inverter

IIT Patna is one of the premier institutions in the country.

The institution is also well known for its innovations.

Maintaining the same league, the institution has now developed an Inverter that is of a size of a suitcase.

There are several variants of the same inverter that weigh in between 7 to 17 kg and have the potential of generating 250, 500, 850, and 1000 volt-ampere.

In one charge, the inverter is capable of giving 800 to 1000 minutes of backup.

It works in minus 15 to 20 degrees of temperature.

Who made the Inverter?

The inverter has been developed by students Abhijit Kumar, Saurav Rai, Abhishek Kumar, Radheshyam Kumar, Pulishni Babu, and others through the Incubation Center of IIT Patna.

A senior faculty of IIT Patna, Prof. AK Thakur said, the circuit, BMS, transformer, etc are all made in the institution.

The Director of IIT Patna, Prof. TN Singh said the students have prepared the inverter under the direction of the Senior Faculty of Physics Department.


On March 13, 2022, the inverter will be launched by the Union Energy Minister, RK Singh.

After that, it will be available to the public.

The inverter will be manufactured by the startup made by the students themselves.

Talking about the cost, at present it is decided to keep 250 VA inverter cost is Rs 9,700 whereas for 1000 VA the cost will be Rs 34,500.

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