Bihar Government Going to Ban Thermocol Items

To protect the Environment from Harmful things, Bihar Government going to restrict the use of one more item. If you remember last year, Bihar Government forbids the usage of Polythene Bags in the state. Also, charge a penalty in case anyone use it. Infact, Till now, Government recovers around Rs. 56 Lakh as penalty from those people using Polythene bags.

Now, Bihar Government is going to ban items made of Thermocol especially, Thermocol Plates, Cups and Glasses which people use more commonly in parties.

Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Modi proposes this topic in Bihar Legislative Council this Thursday.

In India, Maharastra, Uttar Pradesh, and other cities already restrict the usage of polythene as well as items made of Thermocols.

Do note that, Thermocol is harmful to Environment as it slowly degrades into the soil, making it infertile.

Also, if you burn Thermocol, it releases harmful gases into the air causing severe respiratory problems.

Therefore, the Bihar Government decides to ban different items made of Thermocol in the state.

Let’s this when the Government rolls out a rule for it.

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