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SKMCH Muzaffarpur which is the second-largest hospital and medical college in Bihar soon going to open an Eye Bank in its premises. The bank gives visually impaired patients the facility to transplant their eye and on the other side, encourage people for eye donation.

SKMCH soon going to be equipped with state of the art facilities for a cornea transplant. It works like this; first, a patient gets a recommendation from an eye doctor. Then, the patient has to consult the Eye Bank Doctor, who then confirms whether cornea transplant is necessary for the patient or not. If the eye bank doctor approved the transplantation process, then, he/she have to register the patient name.

Now, on the other side, to get donors, bank appoints motivators and counsellors who encourage people for eye donation. Now, Donors who want to participate have to fill a sworn form. The nominee or relative of the donor consults the eye bank after the death of the donor. Once they do consult the bank, the eye bank team reaches the donor to take the cornea.

Next, the eye bank consults the visually impaired patient, and then, under six hours, the patient’s cornea will be transplanted.

Back in August 2017, at a social event organised by Dadichi Dehdan Samiti, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced to set up eye bank in all Medical Colleges Hospitals in Bihar. At the same event, he announced to donate his eye and filled the necessary form.

Do note that the organs for donation can only be retrieved from a body once it is declared brain dead. Right now, In Bihar, Patna IGIMS is an institution who has the power to declare a person brain dead.

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