Two days ago, a cabinet meeting held under the leadership of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar approved 21 agendas. Out of these 21 agenda, one is related to the Sand Mining Policy in Bihar. Many of you remember that In August this year, the Bihar government Introduces the new Sand Mining Policy. According to the new policy, a person can mine Sand either on two ghats or on 200 hectares of land. This new policy comes into force from 1 January 2020, but In the latest cabinet meeting, Bihar Government ordered not to implement this policy till 31 October 2020.

According to Rule 77 (2) of Bihar Mineral Rules 2019, the period of sand mining was coming to an end on 31 December 2019. Therefore, it was scheduled to ban sand mining from the first date of the next year.

Also, the new settlers of the sand ghats going to take almost 270 days to get the settlements. Thats because they don’t have the environmental clearance. So, In these 270 days, there could be a shortage of Sand among the people, and the price could also reach the sky. Therefore, In the latest cabinet meeting, it was decided to extend this period for 10 months (i.e., equivalent to 31 October 2020).

Although Bihar Government has extended the sand mining period to 10 months, they increase the lease fee by 50%. Thats the reason, Sand is going to be costlier in Bihar from the first date of next year.

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