Bihar Bus Service will remain closed till March 31

Amid the threat of infection of Corona in the state, different government departments have started taking concrete steps. On Saturday, the Bihar Transport Department also issued an order in this regard. Sanjay Aggarwal, Secretary, Bihar Transport Department, has ordered the closure of all passenger buses in the state by March 31, given the danger of infection of Corona.

These buses include both government and private buses. Apart from this, the Transport Secretary has also ordered the closure of the operation of inter-state buses in the state by March 31.

Transport Secretary says that the order should strictly comply. At the same time, registration and license of buses will be canceled who refuse to follow the order.

Sources say that this decision has been taken after talking to the Prime Minister through videoconferencing. Let me tell you that on Friday, the Prime Minister spoke to the Chief Minister of different states through video conferencing. After talking to the Prime Minister via video conferencing, the Chief Minister of Bihar held a meeting with various departments of Bihar in which many important decisions were taken. At the same time, we estimate that this decision must have been made at the same meeting.

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