bihar government paddy purchase rate Rs 1868 per quintal

Though it was delayed due to Corona this year, within a week, Bihar government will start procuring paddy from farmers of the state. So far, 51 thousand farmers have registered to sell paddy to the state government, while the last date for registration is till the end of the purchase.

Every year from November 15, the state government starts purchasing paddy from farmers and this campaign runs till March 30. However, this year it was delayed due to Bihar assembly elections. However, the strong purchase of paddy starts only after December, so the farmer is not too worried about it.

The real problem for farmers is about moisture. The state government buys only 17 percent moisture paddy from farmers. However, what percentage of moisture paddy the government will buy from farmers will be clear only in February. At present, there is paddy harvesting in which 20 percent of the paddy has moisture.

For the last few years, the state government has targeted to buy 30 lakh tonnes of paddy from farmers, but the actual purchase has not been more than 20 lakh tonnes so far.

Last year, where the state government had purchased paddy at the rate of Rs 1815 per quintal, this year the rate has been increased by Rs 53. The Rs 53 increase in support price is quite low. Kisan Sena state president Sudama Pandey says that the state government should also give some bonus.

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