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Seeing the overexploitation of Groundwater, the state Government is planning to introduce new rules or we can say license for Borewells in the state.

As per a report, The Minor Water Resources Department (MWRD) of the state in collaboration with the Central Ground Water Board has prepared a draft about restricting the overexploitation of groundwater in the state.

The MWRD has sent the same draft to the State Cabinet and is currently waiting for the approval. If the cabinet will approve the draft, then the state may get new rules for Groundwater consumption.

The same report also says, as per the draft, a prior permission may be required for heavy boring but hand pumps installation for homes has been excluded from the same. Also, the extraction of groundwater for agriculture may get concessions.

The new draft is said to be going to primarily affect those who overexploit the ground water for commercial purposes. For example, Big Apartments, Industries and others.

Bihar extracts nearly half of its available groundwater that is comparatively low to the National extraction rate that is 63.3 percent. 19 out of 38 districts in Bihar have higher rates of Groundwater extraction.

Now, although the groundwater extraction rate in the state is increasing day by day, a survey conducted by the Public Health Engineering Department of the state says, In 2019, on average, the groundwater level in the state is increased by 12 feet that is said to be comparatively higher than that in 2019. In 2019, the groundwater level in the state will increase by 1 feet only. Katihar (25 feet), Begusarai (24 feet), and Gaya (21 feet) are said to be the districts where the groundwater level has been highly decreased.

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