Rajgir Glass Bridge, Bihar
Rajgir Glass Bridge, Bihar | Credits: YoYoSocial.news

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Every year a number of tourists visit one of India’s ancient cities “Rajgir” that is located in South Bihar. The prime reason why Rajgir is a tourist spot is because it was the first capital of Magadha Kingdom (that later evolved into the Mauryan Empire). Rajgir has also been mentioned in India’s Greatest Epic Literary – Mahabharata. Also, the city has associations with several dynasties (like Haryanka Dynasty) and Lords (like Lord Mahavira, Lord Buddha). The remains of Ancient Nalanda University have also been founded in Rajgir.

Looking at its ancient significance and utilising the same to promote tourism, the state government is constructing a list of things in Rajgir. The newly made Glass Bridge is an example of the same.

The Rajgir Glass Bridge has been installed at the main entrance of Zoo Safari that is being built in the 480 acres of Vaibhagiri Mountains in Rajgir.

The Rajgir Glass Bridge is made completely of Glass and Steel Frame. The floor surface of the bridge is made of three 15 mm glass that has a total thickness of 45 mm. The total length of this bridge is 85 feet whereas its width is 6 feet. Its height is about 250 feet above from the valley. Due to that much height from the valley and having a transparent glass floor at the bottom, this bridge gives its visitor a thrilling experience like they are floating in the air.

To make it extremely safe for tourists, the governing authority of the bridge has allowed a maximum of 40 people to walk on the bridge at the same time. However, only 10-12 people are allowed to go to the D sector of the bridge. The D sector is the last end of the bridge.

The Rajgir Glass Bridge is currently being built and it is expected its construction may complete by March next year.

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