vigyan prasar print first maithili science magazine

To promote science in the common languages ​​of the country, “Vigyan Prasar” from the beginning prints science magazines and books in common languages.

Many of you will know that Maithili language has recently been included in the VIII List of the Constitution. However, in spite of being included in the eighth list, so far no science book has been published in Maithili.

Now Vigyan Prasar, an organization of the Union Ministry of Science and Technology, has said that it will publish the first magazine of science in Maithili language by the end of this month.

The Ministry of Science and Technology has also decided to run programs in Maithili for a full year on radio. The event will be based on Artificial Intelligence and will be named “Aane Wala Kal“.

Vigyan Prasar will also train teachers to teach students science in Maithili language.

The Ministry of Science and Technology will publish science books in Maithili for students from school to college. By this year, it is envisaged to publish 12 books of science in Maithili language for school and college students. Vigyan Prasar has so far published books in Bengali, Malayalam, Urdu, Tamil, etc. languages.

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