Following area based development of Muzaffarpur Smart City, 25 minibus stops are soon going to be built in Muzaffarpur. For the same Muzaffarpur Smart City company has marked the places.

To complete this project, around Rs. 4.38 crore is expected to be spent. Masers Durga Construction agency has been appointed to complete this project.

These minibus stops will be equipped with a plethora of facilities that are not just limited to passengers only but will also exclusively benefit the electric bus and e-rickshaw owners. Below are the facilities these minibus stops will be equipped with.

Minibus Stops Facilities

  1. Water ATM having clean drinking water.
  2. E-toilet
  3. Electronic display boards
  4. Electric bus as well as e-rickshaw charging facilities.

Now, out of these total 25 minibus stops, 13 of them are to be built in between Bairiya to Station Dharamshala Chowk via MIT Spinal Road. 6 stops are to be built in between Station road to Dharamshala Chowk via Saraiyaganj Tower and Akharaghat Bridge. The remaining 6 stops are planned to be built in between District Magistrate’s residence to Saraiyaganj Tower chowk and from Sikanderpur Chowk to Marine Drive Laxmi Chowk.

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