Mega Food Production Park to open in Motipur Muzaffarpur
Mega Food Production Park to open in Motipur Muzaffarpur

Muzaffarpur Mega Food Park will significantly benefit the production of Litchi and Mango in the state as the District grows these fruits in ample amount.

Yesterday, The Minister of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare, Narendra Singh Tomar and Bihar Industries Minister Syed Shahnawaz Hussain announced a Mega Food Park is opening in Motipur, Muzaffarpur.

Muzaffarpur Litchi especially the Shahi Litchi that received the Geographical Indication Tag (GI Tag) back in 2018 is expected to be benefited with this Mega Food Park a lot.

The North Bihar produces Lychees and Mangoes a lot but due to poor storing and processing facilities, farmers don’t get the correct price for these fruits.

One Third of all Lychees produced in Bihar are from Muzaffarpur. The district grows Shahi and China Lychees in 11 thousand hectares of land that produces around 1 Lakh Mega Ton of Lychees each year.

The District also has Mango Garden in 10 Thousand hectares of Land that grows around 2.5 to 3 Lakh Mega Ton of Mangoes each year.

Apart from Lychees and Mangoes, the district also has high production of Vegetables in Meenapur, Kanti, Bochahan, Sakra, Muraul, Motipur, and Saraiya block.

Potatoes and Tomatoes grown in Muzaffarpur are transported to the Markets in Nepal.

However, the inadequate storage and processing facilities restrict the farmers in the district from getting the suitable price for their products.

Now, since, the Mega Food Park has ample storage space, farmers can grow the fruits and vegetables without any hesitation and will get the suitable price for their product.

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