Rajgir Bodh Gaya Indias First Green Energy Towns
Rajgir Bodh Gaya Indias First Green Energy Towns

Two towns in Bihar, i.e., Rajgir and Bodh Gaya, are all set to become India’s first Green Energy towns.

The Bihar Government has partnered with Solar Energy Corporation of India (a Central Government Power Sector Undertaking) to develop clean electricity for Rajgir and Bodh Gaya through renewable sources of energy.

The two renewable energy sources through which Rajgir and Bodh Gaya will get clean electricity are Solar Energy and electricity generated through Pumped Storage.

On the one hand, when Solar Energy generates electricity in the daytime, Pumped Storage will produce the night’s electricity. Besides Rajgir and Bodh Gaya, this clean electricity will be provided to some Government offices in Patna. For example, Chief Minister’s House, Raj Bhawan, Legislative Assembly, Patna High Court, MLA Quarters, Bihar Museum, Gyan Bhawan, Vidut Bhawan, and others.

The Bihar Energy Department Secretary, Sanjeev Hans, said to generate clean electricity through renewable energy sources, the 50MW Solar Energy Plant will be set up at Lakhisarai and Bhagalpur.

The project is expected to be completed by June 2023. As soon as this project is completed, Bihar will compete with Delhi, Goa, and Odisha to supply 24×7 electricity to at least two of its Towns. Also, this project is expected to drop the electricity rate in the two towns to Rs. 4.03 per unit.

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